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パズルによって産み出された兵士をどう扱うかが勝敗の鍵を握る。相手パネルもヒントになる?! 互いを加速する超攻撃的パズル合戦。 リアルタイム対戦型のロジックパズルRPG


Quick thinking skills and realtime battle tactics clash together in this fast action puzzler!

Victory can be yours if you effectively utilize your soldiers in battle. Analyzing your opponent's panels can provide hints at solving the puzzles, but be prepared, once you think you're good enough the pace gets increasingly faster!

This is the definite realtime battle logic puzzle RPG,

- Crystal Clash -

Master the challenge of the hyper-speed logic puzzles, using a unique strategy to capture the opponent's territory to win!

Nintendo様の Indie World にて紹介されました!

- Indie World 2018.12.27 -

- プロモーション用ムービー -

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Crystal Clash Team: Akira Fukumoto

Game Design / Art

Akira Fukumoto
Crystal Clash Team: Eike Romeo Knight Steffen

Music / SFX

Eike "Romeo Knight" Steffen
Crystal Clash Team: Michael Tedder


Michael Tedder

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